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Located in Mandurah, ICATS provides qualified, professional Counselling, Breathwork and group programs for support with issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, communication, self esteem and much more.
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If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, lost or dealing with relationship breakdown, grief, addictions, sexuality related issues or any of the many issues we face as human beings, counselling can help.

Utilising a strengths based, client centred approach we, at ICATS, believe you hold the knowledge and power within you to create the life of your choice. 

At times when this does not feel true, you might seek support such as that available at Integrated Counselling and Training Services.



This is a powerful process for achieving personal insight into many issues including relief from stress, depression and anxiety, bringing about increased health, vitality and clarity.


We mostly respond to trauma or upset by holding our breath and tensing the body, thus trapping that energy and emotion in our cells. Breathwork is a simple breathing process that releases trapped energy in the body. Using a continuous, connected breath allows this energy to be released, freeing your energy for positive change.



Group work addresses specific issues with the added benefit of sharing with like-minded others, always in a respectful and confidential space.


Growth, insight and support are gleaned from the dynamics within the group.


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