Integrated Counselling and Training Services

Doreen Jones

Bachelor Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Diploma Breathwork

Graduate Diploma Sexology

Member Australian Counselling Association

Member Australian Breathwork Association


Doreen is the principal counsellor at ICATS. She is a qualified and registered Counsellor and Breathwork practitioner, is passionate about her work with others and the capacity for change in human beings. She has a strong commitment to her ongoing professional development, including professional supervision to ensure best practice for clients.


Drawing on life experience and more than fifteen years of supporting clients through Breathwork and counselling, Doreen provides an environment of acceptance and empathy. She has an innate ability to support you in feeling at ease and confident in achieving your desired outcomes. If however you find she is not the best person for you, Doreen is committed to supporting you in achieving your goals and is happy to refer you to another practitioner if needed.


As the principal leader of the workshop programs and trainings, Doreen is a qualified and experienced professional trainer with the capacity to create a safe place for participants to engage at a level that is comfortable for the individual. Feedback provided from past participants highlights Doreen's capacity to ensure everyone in the group feels supported, respected and cared for.

Austrlian Counselling Association member


Doreen works from a strength’s based, client-centred framework. This means she respects the autonomy of the client, and their ability to find their own answers.
She will not tell you what to do.

Doreen supports her clients to identify their strengths, highlighting what IS working, and can be utilised in
finding resolution to current problems.

Her approach is adaptable to your needs and may include narrative therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,

Process Work, Art Therapy, Mindfulness,

talk therapy or Breathwork.

Working with adults, teenagers, children, individuals and couples, Doreen believes in valuing the

dignity and worth of all.

Doreen Jones

Strength’s based and client-centred

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