Integrated Counselling and Training Services

Drugs, Alcohol and other Addictions

Personally I believe all addictions are driven by a lack of connection to society, family, spirituality and self.


In many ways, most of society is dealing with addictions of some kind including nicotine, gambling, work, technology, television, food, religion, sugar, sex, and many others. Not many of us are immune.


With many years experience working as a counsellor in drug and alcohol services, Doreen is aware of the need to provide non-judgemental support for those struggling to deal with substance addiction.



Relief may be brought about through a variety of channels, including addressing associated mental health issues, referral to a detox or rehabilitation facility, or structured one on one work to build resilience and positive change.

It is possible to make the changes you desire and Doreen provides the support needed to do just that.


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