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Most of us experience anxiety in some way. Think about the person who says ‘I just can’t drive in the city, there are too many maniacs out there’. They may not want to admit to experiencing anxiety but it is their fear that limits their willingness to brave the city roads.


It is important to remember that anxiety has a positive role in our lives also. It is this fear that has us step back from the verge when a car goes past. It might be the thought that we left the pot of beans on the stove, that makes us check we turned them off. It is only when these thoughts become out of control that they negatively impact our life.


Identify the sources of anxiety


Working with a counsellor helps to identify the sources of anxiety, the sources of fear in your life. Sometimes they are not so obvious but we can deconstruct the processes used so far that formulated those fears, and break them down to generate understanding. This allows you to manage the thoughts of fear, and live a life free of debilitating anxiety.


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