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"Connected breathing unlocks body wisdom to bring
healing on many levels. "

This is a powerful process for achieving personal insight into many issues including relief from stress, depression and anxiety, bringing about increased health, vitality and clarity.


Breathwork is a simple breathing process that releases trapped energy in the body.


We mostly respond to trauma or upset by holding our breath and tensing the body, thus trapping that energy and emotion in our cells. Using a continuous, connected breath allows this energy to be released, freeing your energy for positive change.

Clinical research verifies the usefulness of Breathwork 

for anxiety and depression, also proving the benefits to be sustainable. Anecdotal evidence proves the positive impact of Breathwork on physical conditions however you will always be encouraged to continue working with your medical expert.

"... when I spoke to Doreen about the process and the fact that I was interested in a consultation, she made me feel so safe and at ease.

My first session was no less than amazing, Doreen sat with me and guided me through so gently.

Since then and in subsequent sessions I have discovered and uncovered things about myself, my family, my children and my life, that I will be forever grateful to her for.


Thank you Doreen for your love, understanding and compassion."

KMS (Small Business Owner)

"The power of the breath in healing."

Developed in the 1970s by Leonard Orr the process was originally called Rebirthing due to the fact that he experienced his own birth memories with profound healing benefits.

The process has since evolved and is now more often referred to as Breathwork, a more general term acknowledging the power of the breath in healing.

JMcK (Educator)

"My experiences of Breathwork with Doreen prove to me that, Breathwork does work.

She has assisted me on my path towards change through helping me find my own power. This has come about through her rapport and empathy with my needs. She assisted in guiding me towards deeply rooted fears which needed to be addressed, yet respected my desires to steer clear when overwhelming for me.

Breathing sessions with Doreen bring about exhilaration and untapped energy."

Describing Breathwork

Breathwork utilises conscious connected breathing. This breath is a full inhale, connected to the exhale which is relaxed. Similarly the exhale begins immediately the inhale is complete. This creates the 'connected' breath - it is continuous, with no gaps or pauses between the inhale and the exhale, nor the exhale and the inhale.

You may begin to experience physical sensations ranging from heat, cold, tingling, muscle tightness, pain, nausea or lightness. These sensations are merely symptoms of the body releasing trapped energy and emotion. They will pass and by the end of the cycle you will generally feel very relaxed. A full cycle of breathing is normally complete within 50-70 minutes, after which you have a period to integrate your experience.

“Of all the things I’ve tried this [Breathwork] really gets to the core of things.”


DH (Counsellor)​

The first session may take up to three hours and subsequent sessions, up to two hours. It is suggested that you clear your day as much as possible so that after a session you have time to ease gently back into the busyness of life.


It is possible that after a series of sessions (around ten) you may be able to use this process by yourself.

"Breathwork is an amazing process that honours my journey, allowing me to uncover and release energy stored in my body - and when released I felt so much more alive and vibrant (my friends would say this is not possible)."

-YU (Psychologist)


$180 per session*

*Please allow 3 hrs for your first session, and 2hrs for subsequent sessions.



Call 0414 873 441 now to make a booking or click
Call 0414 873 441 now to make a booking, or click