Integrated Counselling and Training Services


"I believe we all hold the knowledge and power within us
 to create the life of our choice.​"

If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, lost or dealing with relationship breakdown, grief, addictions, sexuality related issues or any of the many issues we face as human beings, counselling can help.

At a time in society where traditional avenues of support are becoming obsolete, counselling has grown to provide a valuable role in this world.


Families and friends experience their own challenges and may be more interested in talking about their own issues.​

Utilising a strengths based, client centred approach I believe we all hold the knowledge and power within us to create the life of our choice. At times when this does not feel true, you might seek support such as that available at Integrated Counselling and Training Services.

John (Business Owner)

"I struggled for several years being in the middle of the tension between my wife and daughter which really hurt me - these were two people I loved who seemed to hate each other.

Through couples counselling we found a way to strengthen our relationship which had a positive impact on my daughter's attitude.

Yes Doreen, we did the work, however you provided a safe environment for us to find our own way, it was the best step we could have taken in coming to see you." 

"The counsellor becomes an ally and champion for you..."

The counselling environment provides a space for you to focus on your challenges, and with a strengths based approach you are encouraged to find your own solutions.


The counsellor becomes an ally and champion for you to achieve your stated goals in life, whether that be for greater internal peace or enhanced relationships. 

Listening to your story, and focusing on your strengths, we offer an integrated approach to support you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Working with adults, teenagers, children, individuals and couples, Doreen believes in valuing the dignity and worth of all.

We create an environment whereby you are supported to be all that you can be.

Everything that is shared in this space is confidential and treated with respect.

“It's like you don't do anything  but you do so much.”

Dee (Naturopath)​

"More than fourteen years experience in supporting clients..."

Drawing on life experience and more than fifteen years of supporting clients through Breathwork and counselling, Doreen provides an environment of acceptance and empathy. She has an innate ability to support you in feeling at ease and to be confident in achieving your desired goals. 

Doreen's counselling approach is adaptable to your needs and may include Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Process Work, Mindfulness, Art Therapy or talk therapy.


"I felt rather inadequate when I first sought counselling but working with someone who cared and did not judge me for how I felt, or for my past actions, I've grown stronger and now feel like I can sort my issues out myself." 

Tia (Stay at Home Mum)

$120 individuals and $160 couples


If you hold health insurance with one of the following, please check with your insurer to determine if you are eligible for a rebate on your counselling fee:

Medibank Private


Police Health

Private Health Insurance

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