I Am That I Am

As you reveal more of your authentic self, free of past conditioning, relationships  transform and life becomes easier and more fulfilling.


I Am That I Am is a workshop designed to continue your exploration of self, the identity you have already established, and the people and circumstances that have helped to shape this in you.


Are you ready to uncover/discover more of who you are?

Most of us are very clever at figuring out what makes us tick. You may be very self reflective and engage in personal counselling and/or professional development. There are times however when we need to continue this work within a group setting where the group dynamics provide an opportunity to heal past wounds in an environment of acceptance and support.


This program is designed as a two day retreat and is an excellent adjunct to the Enhanced Personal Communication workshop. It is recommended that you participate in this prior to I Am That I Am, however this is not enforced.


Venue to be confirmed - the previous venue was in a delightful location near the water with swimming and kayaking available as a spare time activity. This fully furnished house has great natural light, comfortable bedding and is air conditioned if needed. All you need to bring is your own sheets and personal belongings. The cost of the weekend covers all accommodation, meals and workshop activities.

What other have said about the weekend:

'I don't want to leave'

'A great time for growth and expression'

'I loved the freedom to express myself in drawing and colouring in and the facilitation by Doreen to hit the nail on the head regarding pressing issues'

'Thank you for this weekend. You add a lot to my self worth'

'Was the best workshop I've done so far. Everything was just perfect'.

Call 0414 873 441 now to make a booking or click
Call 0414 873 441 now to make a booking or click

Next dates:

5pm June 23 - 4pm June 25

Extra early bird price, paid by 27/4,     $350

Early bird price, paid by 19/5,               $400

Last chance price, paid by 16/6,           $440

Payment plans available.

REFUND POLICY: Any program cancelled by Integrated Counselling and Training Services will be refunded in full. Application to withdraw from a program more than three weeks prior to commencement date will attract a minimum $50 administration fee. Cancellations more than ten days prior to workshop will be refunded 50%, and no refund is provided after this time.

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