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Regular meditation has proven benefits on many levels including that of greater emotional stability and improved health outcomes. Brain activity is calmer in those who meditate, and clinical studies have shown stronger heart activity. Conditions of stress, anxiety and depression may be alleviated through the use of a meditation practice.

Additionally many people experience:

• Increased ability to maintain focus

• Reduced pain

• Improved sex life

• A more settled mind

• Greater sense of peace


This group of friends meets regularly on a Tuesday evening and is for those who wish to meditate in a group setting. You are welcome to join us for an opportunity to meet like minded people, and extend yourself through insightful discussion on various topics.


Enjoy the social connection in addition to relaxation in this group where the meditation is based on mindfulness practices.

Please arrive for a prompt 6.00pm start, and the group finishes by 7.30pm.​

Bookings are essential, please contact us now.


By the way, you are not expected to sit like this, most people enjoy a relaxed seated position in a chair.

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