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Relationship Counselling

Do you want more out of your relationships? Relationships can be great sources of personal fulfillment and happiness. They can help improve our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. They are a place where we can express and receive love, feel listened to and cared for, and they can have a profoundly positive influence on our sense of self. Unfortunately, relationships can also have the opposite effects, they can leave us feeling lonely, unwell, scared, angry, unheard, neglected with a resultant negative influence on our sense of self.

Healthy, natural, relaxed relationships


Couples counselling can be a great way to clarify your expectations of the relationship, improve your communication skills with each other, restore intimacy, transition into a new stage of life that involves big adjustments (i.e. parenting, moving, a loss, retirement, etc) and can even give you an opportunity to rediscover yourself and each other.


When booking for couples therapy both parties are required to have an individual session before having a combined session.

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