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Really relating!

After getting off the phone to provide a reference for an ex student, I felt very emotional, tears gathered in my eyes. It was such a pleasure to remember this person and to authentically respond with great enthusiasm when asked about this person’s qualities, attributes and skills. I remembered the interactions we’d had, the journey we’d shared and the growth we’d both experienced through knowing each other. I believe we are both better people for the connection we shared.

This is really what life is about for me, the new and ongoing connections that I make with others in a real way. It is one of the things that I love about my role as a counsellor and facilitator, that I get to interact with others in a way where we are both being real.

Living an authentic life, in connection with others is something that often brings tears to my eyes - tears of love, joy, respect, memories of moments shared. Living an authentic life is freeing, we don’t need to pretend. We may choose to modify our responses in consideration of others but it doesn’t mean we have to stop being who we are.

Thank you to all I’ve connected with, clients, students, friends, family, lovers, checkout operators. I love my life and you have been a part of my journey to this point in time.

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