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Stress and burnout counselling

Stress has a positive role in healthy functioning however extended or high levels of stress take its toll. In this fast paced materialistic society, stress has become one of our biggest issues. Work-life balance becomes top heavy with priorities being placed on the need to work long hours in stressful jobs to fund the lifestyle of choice. Health issues become noticeable, relationships are impacted and mental health suffers.


It is important to realise that what makes one person feel stressed is different to another. Working with a counsellor helps to identify those sources of stress that lead to dysfunction in order to relieve the negative impacts.



What do you do to create balance in your life?

Do you remember to take care of yourself with healthy stress management techniques?

Some people enjoy a stroll on the beach, regular meditation, massage, fishing, reading a book, lunch with a mate, or playing with the kids.

What do you do to take care of you?


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