Integrated Counselling and Training Services


Integrated Counselling and Training can tailor programs to suit the needs of your workplace or organisation. Excellent for team building and developing workplace communication that ensures a happy, collaborative and productive work environment.

Group work addresses specific issues with the added benefit of sharing with like-minded others, always in a respectful and confidential space.

Growth, insight and support are gleaned from the dynamics within the group.

Additionally, with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human development and behaviours, Doreen will work with you to determine the best approach when working with children in child care settings.


If required, group work may be augmented with mentoring, coaching or counselling.

As a professional trainer and counsellor, Doreen is an expert in creating a safe environment to foster positive outcomes for your personalised needs, as identified by you.

Call us to discuss your needs that may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Conscious listening

  • Conscious communication

  • Being heard in the workplace

  • Team building

  • Cultural competency

  • Impact of trauma in communication and relationships

  • Impact of trauma on behaviour and workplace functioning

  • Impact of trauma on childhood behaviours

  • Childhood development and developmental needs

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